The Shadowserver Foundation is continually seeking to provide timely and relevant information to the security community at large. We also seek to increase our level of research and investigation into the activity we discover. As such, we list our goals and plans for the next six to twelve months:


  • Investigate and contribute to new technologies in botnet control.
  • Develop and deploy new methods for harvesting malware and studying its behavior.
  • Develop and utilize additional techniques for gathering and analyzing botnet data and network flows.
  • Work more closely with ISPs, Hosting and DNS providers in the identification and mitigation of botnets and malware propagation.
  • Increase our collaboration with other key security organizations and researchers to share discoveries and analysis.
  • Develop and release whitepapers and reports based on our research.
  • Further develop our website to provide information and reports to the interested public.
  • Participate in future security conferences and workgroups.
  • Increase our communication with the public through irc, mailing lists, and the website.

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