The Shadowserver Foundation is always looking for good people to volunteer their time to assist in several key areas.

The most important qualification is trust and purely white hat intentions.

Our first priority is to gather data that can be used to help detect malicious networks study their tactics and process, and protect against them. Another major goal is to raise the general public awareness of botnets. So again, any person who works with Shadowserver must have these goals, and be of the highest integrity.

All members of Shadowserver are volunteers only. No one from the team receives any form of compensation for any of the work. Everyone who works on the team does it knowing that we are making a difference to the Internet community, and that we are doing it for all the right reasons.

Open positions

Webdesigner and developer

Shadowserver needs a face lift on the public facing website, and also on the private section for those receiving data from us. We have the data available, however we lack the time and resources to make a decent dynamic website. If you are interested in information security, enjoy visualizing interesting data and have time to spare for a non-profit project please contact us at jobs (a)

Security research volunteer

Reverse engineering, contributing on the Shadowserver blog and in general work on new ideas for Shadowserver are welcome. We require that you have some experience in the information security field and that you can run your own projects together with other Shadowserver members. As the group is based on volunteer effort all members are required to be self-driven and self-motivated. If you fit this description contact us at jobs (a)

Data and resources

In order to continue doing the work we do we also rely on resources provided to us. In order to give a better service and more data, we would also be very grateful for contributions such as:

  • Hosting - We need servers to host different projects, which could - but does not have to - include using the servers as hopping off points to conduct intelligence work. Bandwidth usage is usually nominal but the server could end up being a target.
  • Sinkhole Hosting - This is a much more severe hosting type. Expect these servers to use up a lot of resources and bandwidth. It might appear like these servers are under constant DDoS attack because of the heavy traffic load
  • Spam - we would like your spam. We can either take a digest version of it, or the full feed where we will parse out what we need. There are only a few fields of information that we are interested in as well as all the included payloads.
  • Colocation - We need places were we can drop in either servers or routers. We need at least 100Mbps of bandwidth and a /28 or /27 of address space.
  • Darknet - Much like the Spam data we would also like to have access to Darknet space to gather in more data.
  • BGP - We need a much more geographical dispersed set of BGP feeds and as many as possible.
  • Malware - Do you have a repository of bad stuff? We would love to have a copy of it.
  • Money - Being a US 501c3 we are able to take any donation, large or small, and send back a receipt for tax deductions.

Anything else - Yes, we are sure you might have something that might be of interest to us that we did not list. If you can offer it up, we would be more than happy to talk about how it would be used.

For any inquiries regarding the above please do not hesitate to reach out to us at jobs (a)

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