What is the Hall of Fame?

Part of any successful security campaign is cooperation and collaboration among different organizations. The Shadowserver Foundation has established valued relationships with several ISPs and hosting companies in the fight against botnets and malware distribution.

These organizations have adopted a proactive approach in quickly responding to reports of abuse on their networks and in keeping their customer's security a top priority.

The Shadowserver Foundatation wishes to highlight these organizations that have gone the extra mile in helping us rid the world of malware each in their own way.

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How to qualify for the Hall of Fame

Shadowserver is eager to have good working relationships with any qualified ISP or hosting provider. By working closely together, a streamlined path is established for the detection, reporting, and resolution of a botnet or malware distribution incident.

In order to qualify for the Hall of Fame, a provider must demonstrate the following:

  • A strong and demonstrated desire to detect and eliminate botnets and malware drops on their network.
  • An awareness of the threats and risks that having a botnet running on their IP space can cause to their clients and the Internet community at large.
  • An eagerness to develop and maintain a clear line of communication with Shadowserver in the reporting and resolution of reported botnet or malware distribution activity.
  • A defined process for the rapid resolution of reported botnet or malware incidents.
  • A demonstrated a high priority on the overall security and well-being of their clients.

If you are part of an ISP or hosting provider that wishes to work with The Shadowserver Foundation and be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, please contact us at halloffame <at> shadowserver.org

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Updates and new members coming soon...

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