As we continue to grow and progress we commonly get questions on how we do a certain thing or what technology we are using to process certain data sets. This page is to provide more of a laundry list with some explanation on what is in use. This is by no means a full conical list, nor could it be considered the best possible technology to use, but it is what we have grown into.



It would be better to look over our AV pages here than to just try and list them.


  • Chart Director - the bulk of our charting is done with this tool using the Perl interfaces.
  • d3
  • Gheat - Worked well with smaller data sets but failed spectacularly when given millions of points to generate. Worked well for a few one-off maps and images but not really feasible for automated daily runs.
  • GraphViz
  • HighCharts
  • image::heatmap
  • ImageMagick


  • Jabber
  • Unreal IRC - As with most security geeks we prefer old school communication and find that IRC works really well no matter how often certain curmudgeons like to complain about its lack of standards.
  • WebEx - Mostly used for large group meetings, works pretty flawlessly.

Data Storage (Relational and Non-Relational)



  • Areca - The current standard for RAID in Linux systems. The hardware is very solid and performs well.
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Sun
  • SuperMicro


  • Trigona
  • Privately developed system



Network Management

Operating Systems

Programming Languages



Ticket Tracking

  • Eventum
  • Privately developed system



  • Apache - What other web server is there really that works so well for so many things?
  • Drupal - A great workhorse pig for limited use and sharing information.
  • MediaWiki
  • Pmwiki - Great for producing late 1990 web pages for the masses as you can tell from our current web site.