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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Conficker may be forgotten, but it's not gone...

We at Shadowserver gather a great deal of data about malware, botnets and compromised hosts. We especially like analyzing and presenting data in new ways that lend a particularly interesting viewpoint to the situation. As a founding member of the Conficker Working Group, Shadowserver has had the opportunity to study and report on the widespread infection & propagation of Conficker. While much public attention has faded since the widely publicized April 1st 2009 "attack date", Conficker still maintains a huge foothold on many computer systems worldwide. As recently as late October 2009, the number of systems infected with the A+B+C variants topped seven million.

We thought it would be of interest to illustrate the depth and extent of how Conficker truly affects a worldwide scope of providers. Shadowserver will now be listing the top 500 ASN's that contain Conficker identified IP's. Currently, there are over 12,000 ASN's that have at least one Conficker IP in their network space. We have limited the data displays to only those that have ten or greater IP's. The additional ASN's and the related charts can be found in the different country breakdowns.

These stats and charts were created by The Shadowserver Foundation in an effort to accomplish several things:

  • Revive attention and awareness to Conficker as a continued worldwide situation.
  • Provide what we feel is a very interesting viewpoint of the infection footprint, especially trend graphs, country breakdowns, ratios of infected IPs to total routed space, and overall rankings.
  • Provide links to several utilities and resources that can assist in the detection and remediation of Conficker.

We hope you find these stats and charts as interesting as we have. This is a dynamic page, so you can watch trends and remediation efforts over time. As always, we're interested in how folks use and benefit from our data and reports. Feel free to drop us a note anytime and give us your feedback.

The Conficker stats and charts page can be found here: http://wiki.shadowserver.org/wiki/pmwiki.php/Stats/Conficker

=>Posted December 16, 2009, at 04:57 AM by Andre' - Semper_Securus